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Geoff Cooper

General Manager - Strategy

Te Waihanga, New Zealand Infrastructure Commission

Geoff Cooper has a background in global policy having worked for the United Nations, the United States Treasury and the Federal Reserve. He is a former Chief Economist for Auckland Council, where he worked on infrastructure, housing, regulation and financial policy. More recently, as Chief Economist at PwC, Geoff has contributed to the economic appraisal of a range of large infrastructure projects, including Wellington’s Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme, Auckland Light Rail, Hamilton to Auckland High Speed Rail and Queenstown’s Way to Go programme. Geoff holds a Master of Economics with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland and a Master of Public Affairs from Princeton University.

System planning shift: Rethinking transport infrastructure needs and priorities

The demands on our transportation infrastructure are ramping up. Not only do we want to get where we are going as fast and safely as possible on uncongested and well maintained roads; but we also want to do it while reducing carbon emissions, with infrastructure that can withstand the effects of changing weather patterns (but are easy to reinstate if needed); to give a hand up to the most disadvantaged and increase housing supply, but without annoying the neighbours in the process; and for it all to fit within prudent fiscal limits. It’s a lot to ask. So how should the transport sector be thinking about prioritisation and need?

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