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Dr Roselle Thoreau

Principal Data Analyst

Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport

Dr Roselle Thoreau holds a PhD in Transport from University College London. She has spent much of her career as a transport researcher with an interest in road safety and accessible travel. This has meant she has also been a train platform announcer, a mobility scooter mechanic and for one time only a stand-up comedian. Roselle now works for the Ministry of Transport as a Principal Data Analyst where she provides analysis on transport data to a range of audiences. She is passionate about creating an accessible, safe and sustainable transport system for everyone.

The smartest way to build a transport system for everyone: Why gender is the secret to success

The smartest way to build a transport system. Why gender is the secret to success.

The presentation will discuss some of the differences between men and women in how we use and perceive our transport options. Why does it matter? Why acknowledging, searching for and understanding these differences will enable us to have a better transport system, a better economy, a better environment.  The presentation will discuss what information is and isn’t available to improve the transport system and provide some thoughts on how everyone can make a bigger impact.

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